On the other hand, a great habitat will keep them a bit more calm. You may have gotten the idea by now that if you are interested in keeping a red devil cichlid, you may be keeping a single fish. Bonded pairs can do just fine and live happy lives together. Trending. If you want to include plants, go for hardy and well-rooted plants, or hardy plants that do not have to be planted in the substrate. I'm wandering if a severum cichlid can be compatible with fish other than a cichlid, like a black ghost knife, angelfish, ... My Nicaraguan pair share the whole 75 gallon and they use all of it. Water flow should be slow to moderate and lighting not overly strong. All this is necessary. Another Jaguar Cichlid is the best fish that you can keep with a Jaguar Cichlid. Pin. If you have some previous experience with moderately aggressive fish and are prepared to obtain live food for your Nicaragua cichlid it is not a very tricky fish to house and care for. F1 Nicaraguan Blue Dovii Wolf Cichlids Breeding ... How to decorate Juwel fish tank with a 3D Aquarium Background from Aqua Maniac? In small tanks, this fish will become aggressive and territorial towards other fish, especially towards other smaller fish in the tank. Nic are some of the most peaceful and tolerant cichlid. It is not very tolerant of any other fish in the same tank. Obviously this breed requires a large tank (100 gallons or more), and prefers rocky cover and a sandy substrate. In the wild, this cichlid feeds on plant seeds, leaves, bottom detritus, snails and other molluscs. Make sure … The Nicaragua cichlid is not included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 3 comments. It lives in freshwater rivers and lakes along the Atlantic slope, from the San Juan drainage (including Lake Nicaragua) in Nicaragua and Costa Rica to the Matina River drainage in Costa Rica. Male 6"+/- female 5"+/-. Read our comprehensive guide before you do anything. Considering that these fish can be quite aggressive and territorial, the choices when it comes to tank mates become somewhat limited. Changing the set-up of my community aquarium, and now looking to re-home my pair of Nicaraguan Cichlids. The red devil moniker is shared with another related fish, Amphilophus citrinellus, though today we are discussing Amphilophus labiatus. Compatibility: Semi-aggressive cichlids, large tetras, livebearers. The first step in keeping Midas Cichlid with other tank mates is to house them in a tank large enough to create suitable territory for all the aquariums occupants. Discover (and save!) The eyes are of a golden or amber colour. There are not many fish that you can keep them with. Conspecific Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tank- mates of the same species. Check on availability and color strains as soon stock changes weekly. The Nicaragua cichlid has been known under several different scientific names, including Amphilophus nicaraguense, Cichlasoma balteatum, Cichlasoma nicaraguense, Cichlasoma spilotum, Heros nicaraguensis, Nandopsis nicaraguense and Theraps nicaraguensis. The Red Devil Cichlid eats most foods and falls under the category of an omnivore. Apr 8, 2012 - Managuense Cichlid or Jaguar Cichlid -(Parachromis managuensis) Jaguar cichlid is a big-sized, raptorial yet very fascinating species of cichlid fish. Thanks for … I think the 75 would be the absolute limit for a group of 6 with no other cichlid tank mates. Dec 23, 2020 - Hypsophrys nicaraguensis is a species of cichlid endemic to the Atlantic slope of Central America, from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. Search titles only. The acceptable water hardiness range is 4-20 dH, where 10 dH is ideal. This fish is not a picky eater in captivity and will accept anything from flakes to live and fresh food. The ferocious nature of the Red Devil Cichlid can not be overstated. I have found they can be bullies for sure, had one in a 5' tank with other juvenile CA cichlids and ended up removing it because it had the rest of the tankmates pretty shook. The couple will start digging out a big pit in the substrate, often under a rock or inside a cave. And if you are looking forward to getting one or many types of cichlids for your community tank or species-only tank, the mere number of species will blow you. If you want to breed Nicaragua cichlids, a water temperature around 79-82°F (26-28°C) is recommended. As the title states, I'm looking for suggestions on suitable tank mates for Nics in a 75 gallon aquarium. Surprisingly, but in the context of all above mentioned, T. meeki can be characterized as “a cichlid that wasn’t meant to be kept in a tank with other cichlid species”. Cichlids in general are very hardy fish who can withstand a broad range of different tank conditions. Ordered from COTA as f1. Native to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua in Central America, the Red Devil Cichlid, scientific name Amphilophus labiatus, is a large fish that reaches 15 inches (over 38 cm) when it is full-grown. My 125 houses a super red severum, 6 geo red head tapajos, and 4 festivum. Provide plenty of cover in the form of rocks and other decor, such as bogwood or large flowerpots. With that said, Red Devil Cichlids are not for the faint of heart. Nicaragua Cichlids have become quite a staple in the aquarium hobby over the years. They are my favorite species. CA | Help. They can show off for aquarists and even beg for food like a dog. My 125 houses a super red severum, 6 geo red head tapajos, and 4 festivum. The purple lateral stripe runs from the caudal fin to right behind the eye and the belly is of a highly sought after golden colour. Convict Cichlid Tank Conditions. In its native environment in Central America, one of the most widespread common names for the Nicaragua cichlid is “Moga”. This fish is found from sea level up to elevations of 200 metres.