I got my new 714 AP2 with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff 130 a few weeks ago. Free delivery for many products! They’re not clunky in any way from any angle. Working the ball both ways was not a problem. I did see a slight difference in distance between the AP1 7 iron through pitching wedge compared to the AP2’s. Both clubs launch the ball high but I would not say they balloon. Feel: This was a close race, probably due to the shafts as much as the heads. Bottom Line: The entire TW737 line boasts impressive specs and looks. I purchased a new set of custom AP2 714 irons and after about a dozen rounds the paint on the numbers is coming off. These are supposed to be as forgiving as the original AP1 so the only problem would be finding the right lofts for gapping. Am I making a good move??? That means that the compact forged irons used by Jason Dufner to win his first major championship have as much forgiveness as … We were both fitted. The M1’s fluting is only on the rear of the club. Final thoughts: Was very happy with the distance I gained with the M2 compared to my current gamer. When I get to the point where the new AP1’s are too easy to hit or I can’t hit my normal draw and 2 times a round fade, i will think about moving to forged clubs. There was almost no feel off the club face at all. Please sign in to comment; Cath D. Cath D. Carlsbad, CA. I think folks who say that the M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, clacky or hollow may be mishitting the iron toward the toe. Any chance you could compare the AP1s with the new TM SpeedBlades? Final thoughts: I had hit both the M1 and M2 irons last year during a fitting day, but did not like either. Both the Miz-MP54 and the Titleist-AP2 are forged, more player shaped, yet forgiving to some degree. Ask him to … Looks: As expected, I preferred the M1 with less offset, slightly smaller sole and a smoother finish. almost effortless. Had a tendency to hit toward the toe, but also hit the ball all over the face. When I was first learning to play the game, my father made it clear to me that throwing golf clubs was an insult to the game in general and my game tools, in particular. Had a chance to hit the 714 AP2’s, I’ll be ordering a set with some KBS Tour shafts as soon as I have the coin! Not digging the black paint on the AP2. My advice: you’re getting ready to sink $1,100 plus tax into clubs; invest $100 in an hour fitting from a real Titleist pro at an outdoor center. Standard lie and length stiff dynamic gold shafts. todaysgolfer. We compare Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 irons to see where the similarities and differences lie to help you pick the right model for your game Joel Tadman September 22, 2015 12:04 am Next 10 (ok, 15) balls were with the M2. But the M2 was the star for me. The new Titleist 718 AP2 improves upon the technology and performance that have made AP2 the gold standard of modern tour irons. I feel more confident in trying to work the ball with the M1. Lost about 1 club distance and even good hits distance was all over the map. The Titleist AP2 714 Irons provide the best combination for the ideal flight and distance with improved forgiveness, longer flight with trajectory control, low center-of-gravity long irons and compact, more carry distance.The Titleis AP2 irons are the perfect combination of players and forgiveness. Both speed and MOI have been maximized to provide total control and distance anyone can appreciate. Are you pleased with them to this point? The TW737-Vs specs are below. The 9-iron had the biggest gap, but the TW737-Vs is also 2 degrees stronger. With that correction, the pro assuaged any fears I had of moving to a blade-like club. New Titleist 718 AP2 irons deliver Tour-proven performance for consistent distance, with player preferred looks, sound, and pure forged feel. No more clacky hollow feel, just a very mild pleasant sensation… then zoom. New Titleist 718 AP2 irons deliver Tour-proven performance for consistent distance, with player preferred looks, sound, and pure forged feel. The size of the head is on the smaller side for a “GI” iron. Buy the Titleist 714 AP2 irons from 2nd Swing and get a great deal by trading in your current clubs! That is about to change. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide™ Low: $403.00. It didn’t bother me since it still felt so sweet… so strange as it sounds, clicky, but smooth and sweet at the same time. Now play JPX825s with S300; mid-flight, contollable trajectory but inconsistent distance due to hot clubfaces and toe contact. Looks kinda cheap and fragile. 50 Words or Less. C $24.26 shipping. No regrets here with going AP2’s. Being new to golf ( 4 months with 10 group lessons ) under my belt. We have edited each of the posts for brevity, clarity and grammar. I’ve played about 15 rounds with the 714 ap2’s after playing blades for the past 4 years (T-MB 710’s- then Mizuno MP69’s). Ordered them with kbs regular flex. These clubs are delicious and I can’t wait to add the SM5’s to the mix this spring!! January 17, 2014 at 03:36 PM. Waited for the ball to come down and WTH, with the roll out it was 5-8 yards longer than balls hit with M1, and that is with a few toe shots. Don’t know if that was from the REAX shaft, but would love to find a less spinning shaft to correct that. *Available irons: AP1: 4-W 53, AP3: 3-W 48, AP2: 3-W 50, T-MB: 2-W 50, CB: 2-P, and MB: 3-P. 5.7 index and have alternately played Mizuno JPX pro and Titleist 710 AP2 and 712 AP1 on and off for the last few years. The extra camber on the sole and the leading edge will improve the turf interaction and of course, the club will not bury itself into the ground too much. Club felt lively and fun. They were both a little to big IMO, as I am currently bagging Mizuno MP-68s. I also went with Lamkin's new grip, the Crossline 3Gen Ace which is like the 3Gen grips, but even a little tackier. New Titleist 718 irons will be available in golf shops worldwide beginning 9/29, with fittings beginning 9/1. Its high accuracy keeps sidespin in check. Both offerings are serious tools for serious golfers and should be respected as such. I hit these at the Titleist fitting center in Oceanside CA last week and they are beautiful. High: $189.00. It’s super forgiving and just goes and goes. Ball SHOT off the face, loud crack (didn’t care for it, but not too bad) and ball just kept rising and rising but didn’t balloon. Titleist AP1 714 Iron Review by Golfalot. Compare at Golfsmith. While the AP2’s were somewhat punishing on distance forgiveness, they held their lines remarkably well. Learn how your comment data is processed. My divots from fairway lies were thinner than normal, which I don’t mind at all. Anybody else seen this? Towering flat height, for me, and very long. Titleist 714 AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons Titleist’s new 714 AP2 irons are as forgiving as the original AP1 irons. Compared to my Cleveland irons, they are 1 to 1.5 clubs longer. Titleist launch their new 714 range with the release of AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons. 2 hybrids wedge and a scotty Newport putter. They are Absolutely Perfect Twice. Think about that for a second. I hit one of the most solid shots of the day, and it landed just a few feet away from the pin. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The typical learning curve for new irons wasn't necessary, due in part to the incredible forgiveness offered by these compact, player-oriented irons, which boast as much forgiveness as the original, game-improvement … I had a hard time choosing between the MP54 and the 712-AP2 but, the new 714 AP2’s are simply a joy to strike and I was able to carry the long irons 5-10yds further. What surprised me the most is how much alike the two clubs look at address. Titleist AP2 714 Forged Iron Set . I have gamed the 710 AP2’s and 712 AP2’s and just couldn’t get on with either and went swiftly back to my 710MB’s. Buttery feel on contact, same accuracy, higher ball flight, incredibly easy to get the ball in the air. Accuracy really made us smile. 1:44. These clubs both get A’s from me in the looks department. As you might expect, the AP1 irons were more forgiving than the AP2’s. Both speed and MOI have been maximized to provide total control and distance anyone can appreciate. However, if forgiveness is not a huge problem because of good ball striking, the sweetness of a well-struck AP2 714 iron shot will reward you. Of the two 7 irons I prefer the M1. There is too much technology and resources available to the general public today to not get the very best equipment FOR you. Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges: Leading with performance, TaylorMade’s new M3 and M4 irons, with “RibCOR” technology, Miura Launches ICL-601 Driving Irons in North America, Titleist announces new DT TruSoft golf balls and they’re available now, Titleist introduces new limited-edition Vokey Design AD-siXty wedges. I was hoping I would hit the M1 better since I like the appearance better, but that was not the case. And how lovely are the ap2s. Honma might not be the first name most Americans think of when they think of forged irons. A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO IRON DEVELOPMENT. Now, I confess to not being a huge fan of larger headed irons, not that the AP1 can be described as chunky, but I was pleasantly suprised at how the AP2 looked at address. I agree on toe mishits the iron did not feel great. Ball flight was much lower than I would have expected (not super low, just not much different than my 7 iron) AP2 all the way………….