The pelvic and anal fins of the are edged in black. … Prices 3042 Premium Firemouth Cichlid Pictures: by Jonny and sent to us by Chris Dumcombe of … Not valid on previous orders. Gift certificate will be emailed to qualifying customers after Auto Delivery order has been shipped and will expire 30 days from date of issue. The newly-hatched fry are protected in pits excavated in the aquarium substrate and are moved several times. The Firemouth Cichlid can be added to a South American Cichlid aquarium. One gift certificate per household. Hundreds of articles to help you with your aquarium. Free Priority Mail Shipping with $69.00 purchase. Firemouth Cichlid. It is therefore recommended to keep Firemouth Cichlids that are similar in size to minimize potential aggression. They get along well with all my fish and pose no threat to any other fish in my tank. The Firemouth Cichlid is omnivorous, and will eat most prepared and frozen foods, including freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and ocean plankton, as well as flake food and Cichlid pellets. Male and female Firemouth Cichlids are excellent parents that pair together and form a tight-knit family unit where both the male and female share in the care and rearing of the fry. It contains important information about order fulfillment time, shipping speed, and other pertinent details. They spawn on a smooth rock … we try to keep this page updated for you every day, but things move fast in the cichlid biz! Excludes Frozen Foods. The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome Cichlids and other Fish near me. Remarks: A smaller, more docile Central American cichlid. Firemouth Cichlid - Thorichthys Meeki The fish you will receive are approximately 5cm - 7cm Cichlid community with caution! Please Note: The small (2" or less) African Cichlids … Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1" to 2" ; Large: 2-1/2" to 3-1/2". Aquarium firemouth cichlids are awesome fish for any fish tank. Names & Comments . This fish is a so-called Red Zebra Mbuna, a Cichlid … The Firemouth Meeki Cichlid has an omnivore diet and will eat most prepared or frozen foods. Create an account, To add this product to your wish list you must. The Firemouth cichlid originates from the Yucatan … Firemouth cichlids can be housed with other of their species, but there should be ample room for each to have his own generous territory. The aquarium landscape should also include rockwork or a tangle of driftwood as they like to hide among the rocks and roots. The membranes of the fins have turquoise spots and the dorsal fin is edged in red. The male also has sharply pointed dorsal and anal fins. Breeding Firemouth cichlids is known to be more slightly difficult. They are one of the least aggressive type of Cichlid. 3 available. Diet: Flake or pellet, frozen and live food, Compatibility: Semi-aggressive cichlids, large tetras, livebearers. $15.00 Regular Price. 1 talking about this. Firemouth Cichlid Care. All rights reserved. Thorichthys meeki. $10 each Pic 3: Large male White & black Angelfish $20 Pic 4: 2 medium sized white & black … Along the body of the Firemouth Cichlid are series of vertical, black banding starting behind the eye, extending to the base of the caudal fin. rare african cichlid for sale live fish Mbuna aulonocara peacock haplochromide victorian tanganyika flowerhorn loach tetra aquarium fish tank wet pet store free shipping. FedEX Overnight from $24.95 to $44.95. The fish inhabits in Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, Salvator, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica and Panama.This cichlid habitat is in bottom and middle water layers of slow flowing waters, ponds with sandy or muddy bottom. Find Cichlids for sale via Pets4Homes. The fish tries to stay close to thickly planted areas where it feeds on plant and animal food at the edge of these areas. $10.00 Sale Price. This is a rather mild tempered Cichlid. The fry may be fed newly hatched brine shrimp and finely crushed flakes. *Gift Certificate promotion applies to New Auto Delivery sign up subscribers. Finding a suitable pair is the challenge, but once established, the process comes naturally. Scientific Name: Thorichthys meeki Common Name: Firemouth Cichlid Max Size: 6" pH: 6.0-8.0 Hardness: Hard Temperature: 70-82° Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive Region of Origin: Central America Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred Diet: Flake or pellet, frozen and live food Compatibility: Semi-aggressive cichlids… A family owned farm. Central American Cichlids: FIremouth Cichlid Find the Firemouth Cichlid for sale at Males will live alone, though they may form … Firemouths can be easily intimidated and can suffer from stress. Pic 1: Firemouth Cichlid. FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquarium supplies orders $29 and up. Tampa Bay Cichlids… The Firemouth Cichlid parents may raise several broods in a year. These fish have a rather fast growth rate, so it won’t take long for them to reach their max … Feeding options include, but not limited to, freeze-dried bloodworms, ocean plankton, and flake food/Cichlid … All juveniles have come from my Demasoni breeding colony. 1 lrg & 2 med sized. The average firemouth cichlid size is around 6 inches for makes and 5 inches for females. The Firemouth Cichlid is somewhat territorial, especially during spawning and requires an aquarium of a minimum of 30 gallons, with a fine sand bottom for burrowing and plenty of open swimming room. Premium Quality Cichlids for Sale : Shown above, a young mature male Cichlid for sale in our online store.. I recommend the fish to beginners who will quickly see what a pleasure this fish is! America's trusted 5 star source for quality cichlids since 1987. Rough purchase size 4-5cm. we have tried in the … Generally, even aggressive cichlids can coexist with loaches, … 8-10cm. Sign In I have 4 Firemouths - three males and one female. There also exist cichlid fry for sale, which are small, young cichlids that can coexist with other small fish, at least until they increase in size. please don't email us asking for a price list, as things change too fast for us to ever keep up. The Cichlidae family contains over 1,200 species of fish, the majority of which are found in the Tanganyika and Malawai Lakes of central Africa.Looking for New World Cichlids? Firemouth Cichlids demonstrate some-what aggressive territorial behavior especially during spawning and will harass smaller tank mates of their own species. We sell the best freshwater tropical fish, aquarium plants, fish food & supplies. This is an interest group for The Firemouth cichlid + all other related species, i.e. The throat and breast are red in color, ranging from a brick to a fiery red shade. After carefully cleaning the rocks in the tank, the female will deposit 100-500 eggs on them. I love this fish. *****Please review our Shipping and Handling FAQ prior to placing your order. Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers a massive variety of African Cichlids for freshwater Aquariums at … Sign up for Auto Delivery to Receive a $20 Gift Certificate. They're a great first Cichlid for anyone. The Firemouth Cichlid is somewhat territorial, especially during spawning and requires an aquarium of a minimum of 30 gallons, with a fine sand bottom for burrowing and plenty of open swimming room. The photo is of the Male and Female FireMouth Cichlids are the actual fish that are up for sale. Firemouth Cichlid Information: The Thorichthys meeki, or Firemouth cichlid, is one the most popular cichlid in the aquarium trade. The Firemouth Cichlid, (Thorichthys meeki), is a beautiful cichlid with a pearlescent turquoise-blue body with red coloration edging the scales. Firemouth Cichlid for Sale Online | Buy Firemouth Cichlid here Adult Breeding Pair of Fire Mouth Cichlids.